Paradigm Studio 100 v.4 Floor standing speakers

Keeping all the strong features of its predecessors, the new Studio 100 v4 has incorporated almost all the latest engineering solutions. This is still a three-way system with five drivers in phase-inverting design. In the low-frequency section, three 7-inch drivers with diffusers made of mineralized polypropylene are used at once. They have 38-mm voice coils and cast chassis with an extra ultra-efficient heat sink. A cast basket is equipped with a 178-mm mid-range driver with ferromagnetic coolant. Tweeter is traditional - an inch, with a metal dome, and with liquid cooling. The body of Studio 100 v4 is very massive (you can immediately feel the excellent quality of damping) and is finished with high quality. Powerful speaker cable terminals allow two-wire connection and are handy in use.

Compared to the previous version of Studio, I'd like to firstly note a slightly calmer and more even tonal balance. If in the third version the sound was very bright and annoying, then here, while maintaining the same high resolution in the upper band, there is no such "feature". In general, the character of the sound captivates with naturalness and detailed reproduction of all parts of the range. The middle is perceived surprisingly vividly. Basses, distinguished earlier by excessive zeal, have composed and demonstrate an excellent attack in conjunction with excellent harmonic resolution.

More or less seriously this acoustics can be criticized for the insufficiently correct timbre balance, which arose in our path, and for the tendency to side tones at the frequency of the bass reflex tuning at critical levels.

The scene in the interpretation of Canadian loudspeakers is exemplarily built in width, but, as in the case of Magnat Quantum 705, it is not echeloned enough, making distant plans poorly perceptible in space. There is also a tendency to very obvious approximation and enlargement of solo instruments images, but this feature can be fully attributed to the modest area of our listening room. I am sure that in more spacious apartments such surprises will not arise.

Paradigm Studio 100 v.4 Floor standing speakers photo