Paradigm Studio 60 v.4 Floor standing speakers

Studio series of one of the leading manufacturers, Paradigm, is extensive; you can build from its models the speaker system of any configuration. Today, in our listening room we have Studio 60 v.4 and, as follows from the title, this is the forth in succession version. We're going to see what the changes done, which were made in comparison with previous versions.

Paradigm is one of the few companies, placing stake on solely their own developments, including dynamical heads too. In this model this is a well-proven inch dome tweeter with a metallic membrane and liquid cooling of sound coil. The rest part of the spectrum is played by two woofers, the range of which is separated by the second ordered filters at the frequencies of 500 and 2000 Hz. Thus, we have deal with a typical 2,5-way scheme, where the pair of drivers works together at basses, and one of them also captures the midrange area. Such system is cheaper than a three-way one, which requires high-quality crossovers, and differences by sound are not very significant. The bass-reflex port of Studio 60 v.4 is placed on the front panel, allowing you to place the loudspeakers close to wall without damage to sound. Connection to an amplifier is possible by two-wire method.

The sound of speaker systems of the fourth generation has become more linear. Any coloring in the whole reproducing range is not noticeable. the sound of Studio 60 v.4 doesn't seem to be too bright or pretentious; they do not try to clearly show their character, but present the record unchanged, keeping the original idea of sound engineer. Such approach is rarely met in even more expensive systems. But we can't say that Paradigm Studio 60 v.4 doesn't show its worth at all. If you want, you can find some minor flaws in the upper band, some poorness of timbres at low frequencies and not very open feed of the middle. In general, the sound deserves the high rating and will find many fans among the lovers of accurate and neutral playback.

Obvious disadvantages while the creation of spatial picture were not found in these loudspeakers. The stage has correctly adjusted scale and sizes; localization is quite clear.

Paradigm Studio 60 v.4 Floor standing speakers photo