Paradigm Millenia 200 Floor standing speakers

Model range of Millenia was put into production not at the term of the century, as you might think, but in 2007. And its name symbolizes the technologies of new era. Engineers of the 70-ies could see modern materials, laboratories and computer modeling perhaps only in a dream. But now the developers have the tools for acoustic's projecting of LifeStyle class, having not only the original forms but also quite qualitative sound. Certainly, compromise is inevitable, but the ability of the company to win poets and physicists, appeasing at the same time both sides, is commendable. For example, let's take the model Paradigm Millenia 200.

At the height of 120 cm the width of the speaker system is 13 and the depth is 15 cm. The form is triangular with rounded edges. "Cabinets" are made of extruded aluminum. Black lacquer, glass stands with spikes - the acoustics looks rich, in the spirit of high-tech and, of course, suits to modern flat-panel TVs.

We will take the grill off and see six speakers! Three 115-mm LF speakers allow the system to open its operating range from 87 Hz. All trine is loaded on a bass reflex port, being put forward. The tweeter is placed between two mid-frequency speakers by D'Appolito scheme. This provides the best phase compatibility and floor reflections won't distort the sound stage. The tweeter has an aluminum membrane; ferromagnetic liquid is used in the coil for cooling. In the front, before the dome, there is a phase separator, playing at the same the protective function.

In the speaker systems Paradigm Millenia 200 mid-frequency speakers are specially outstood. Like in LF-drivers tis diameter is 115 mm. The membrane is made of polypropylene with the addition of mica. There is a phase-equalizing bullet in the center of the speaker - and looks good and pulls excess heat from the coil. Moreover neodymium magnets and the use of copper-clad aluminum wire in the coil allow increasing the efficiency of the speaker. And cast aluminum basket controls the spread of undesirable vibrations inside the body.

It should be said that Millenia is a whole line of cinema acoustics. That means that in the model range there are two floor systems (learning now 200 and the elder one with index of 300, which is equipped by the drivers with the diameter of 140 mm), matching them wall speaker systems of surround sound (their indexes are 20 and 30) and also the original acoustics of the central channel 20 Trio of LCR type.

The main trouble is waiting for the developer of flat speaker systems in bass resolution. Small displacement of the body and small diameter of the membrane don't allow to create a wave of necessary length (and also of significant volume level). Long-stroke speakers, which are able to mitigate the problem, are used sometimes. However, the engineers of Paradigm decided not to chase after deep, low bass but concentrated at the frequencies closer to one hundred hertz. They strongly recommend you to buy subwoofer together with Millenia 200 (in the line of Paradigm there is a choice to suit any pocket and taste). After the listening to the acoustics we join their wishes. The lack of bottom is felt too plain. But we are glad to the fact that the range from 87 up to approximately 300 Hz (low middle and the main tonal area) is played very clear and dynamic. The responsibility of midrange speakers starts higher and, despite of the many interesting technologies being used in them, sounding slightly disappoints. We expected good Hi-Fi, but the result can be attributed only to the initial level. This more than enough for cinema systems and satisfies all the requirements, but melomaniac, especially keen on classic and jazz, will need more micro-dynamics and resolution in MF-range.

High area is not very good too. Light muting, smoothness, peculiar to expensive speaker systems of High End class, sounds inappropriate in this case because it is determined by the loss of dynamics but not the perfectly flat frequency response. By the way, to fill up the tops is done in cinema acoustics in order to increase the intelligibility of dialogs. High and low middle and also perfect spatial characteristics save Millenia 200. As a result we get volumetric, scaled images with the velvet tone. The sound is very comfortable and doesn't tire even after long listening at high volume level. It is great for movies, especially romantic. We recommend the fans of Hi-Fi or whose, who wish to organize disco in their cinema to address to the elder version.

Paradigm Millenia 200 Floor standing speakers photo