Paradigm Monitor 11 s.7 Floor standing speakers

This is the seventh version of the Paradigm Monitor series. But now instead of the traditional v7 there is s7, which shows the cardinal difference of the new models. Almost everything has changed - cases, drivers, tweeter, finish and even grill. The most significant changes include the following: careful optimization of various elements of the design plus the desire to make the speakers more compact without compromising the sound.

The design of the front panel has become prettier, without open fasteners. The new tweeter is equipped with an aluminum dome (instead of titanium) and a cooling system with magnetic fluid. Diffuser of the midrange driver is also made of aluminum, this time anodized. The diffuser for low-frequency drivers is made of polypropylene reinforced with carbon fiber. Their baskets are pressed from a GRIP-composite - copolymer reinforced with a glass-fiber. The suspension geometry is borrowed from the Reference Studio series. Drivers have powerful ferrite magnets. The weight of the model is very decent (25 kg). Note that the midrange driver is closed from the inside by a cylindrical casing of GRIP with a damping layer inside. The loudspeaker's body rests on the podium with already twisted rubber legs, which can optionally be replaced with spikes. The protective mesh is mounted on powerful magnets, which is quite convenient and, according to developers, does not degrade the sound.

Paradigm Monitor 11 s.7 sounds very open and impressive. The scale is small, the tone is slightly light. Timbres sound good and recognizable. The stage is built right in front of the listener and strictly between the loudspeakers. High frequencies are correct and clean, while the air is somewhat lacking. The MIDs are fairly clear, with a slight loss of tones. Bass has scope and depth, but it greatly overtakes everything else in scale. There is a fairly standard today general setting, focused on popular genres and home cinema.

Paradigm Monitor 11 s.7 Floor standing speakers photo