Floor standing speakers Jamo D450

Two solid boxes with stickers "Made by Jamo - Denmark" we learned relatively small and not heavy speakers very modest form. Side walls are covered with vinyl ebony, and everything else ... under gray plastic. Shiny strip on the top panel is secured with velcro and looks like a cheap imitation jewelry, no matter how inadvertently catch.

But a closer acquaintance with these 2.5-way designs are beginning to find they already did not cost engineering solutions. First, the system is installed on the powerful metal supports, which are screwed in spikes or rubber feet (included in the kit). Secondly, both the phase inverter on the rear panel are cross-sectional profile of the hourglass, which allows to significantly reduce aerodynamic noise without increasing the diameter of the phase inverter. Third, arched front panel attached to her original grid. And finally, the drivers themselves - fabric squeaker ring type (DCD) and a pair of 165-millimeter midbass cones with long-fiber pulp, rubber surround and a stationary phase leveling "bullet". No more fashionable polymers "amazing" properties. On the contrary - the only proven materials. But the drivers themselves, mind you, are made with the latest technology.

Reproduction of these systems carries purity and tonal neutrality. If we analyze the first quality, it is worth noting a clear inability Jamo D450 bring anything of his own. Any lost or distorted sound! Everywhere reigns clarity. Speaking about the second - neutrality - it will be easier to bring such a comparison: the subjective mid-and high-frequency band, these speakers are almost indistinguishable from the reference, and much more expensive monitors Westlake Audio.

Yes, there is a slight "Okan" in the middle and a little more shrill than usual, lower top, but is not expressed as a painting, but only as an allusion to her. High frequency sound subtly and naturally (high resolution - one of the strengths of the ring tweeters). Peculiar and bass. To him there is only one: when the diffusers fluctuate with huge amplitude, sometimes there is not strong aerodynamic sibilation. But in general, it is impossible not to recognize that Jamo D450 bottoms unusually thorough, punctual and always keep structural. These speakers are able to drive and retrieve and display the bass texture - unlike many of my classmates who just mixed it all into something spectacularly Bukhaev and vibrant.

Sound adds realism and generally correct practice of the soundstage. Localization has literally holographic character. All sources are clearly focused and fixed in space are true within the scene scale. But the very scale of the scene a bit lacking, especially in depth. Sensations abating somewhere infinity sound, which is present on many music programs, with these columns does not occur - they sound as if space is limited in scope.

Ability to maintain clarity and neutrality even at very high volume, and the ability of systems "dissolve" in his own sound stage - that's what gives D450 good musical balance. And this is perhaps one of the most important qualities of any, even very expensive stereos. Danish the speakers with their original drivers loyal to individual groups of instruments (do not allow one to dominate others), and in general to the music of different genres. But 100% vouch for them we can not. Indeed, much will depend on the amplifier - its ability to cope with a difficult, albeit very sensitive Jamo D450.

Jamo D450 Floor standing speakers photo