Canton GLE 496 Floor standing speakers

The German pair refers to the generation of budget GLE line and is its flagship. Canton GLE 496 is completely redesigned, only a three-way construction was saved. An internal damping of the body is reinforced for reducing resonances, the configuration of bass-reflex has been changed, and crossover filter was recomputed. Some innovations were introduced to dynamic heads too.

So, an inch tweeter with the dome made of impregnated fabric has an improved magnetic system, which allowed to significantly reduce distortions on signal peaks. Mid- and low-frequency heads are equipped with the branded diffusors made of light aluminum alloy with the diameter of 180 and 200 mm. At the same time, a dual bass sector allowed to achieve a desirable value of lower playing limit - 20 Hz.

First of all, Canton GLE 496 speaker systems amazes by dynamical abilities, effortlessly coping with burst of energetic symphonic music. Speaking about the width of frequency range, they have second to none. In addition, bass is really deep, like in sub-woofer, but at the same time without any losses in detailing and "firing speed". Mid frequencies can be called extremely neat and even elegant. Will all strictness of interpretation the system does not miss main details and accurately transfer complex tones of natural instruments. The upper band is drawn very clearly, air components present in the required amount. Sound stage is maximal by the size and accurate in terms of localization. With correct placement of the system the space turns out to be a three-dimensional.

Canton GLE 496 Floor standing speakers photo