Elac FS 67.2 Floor standing speakers

In the vast catalogue of Elac FS 67.2 floor standing speaker systems lie closer to initial level. Slim 2.5-way systems have carefully muted bodies with massive frontal panel of increased thickness, on which there are own produced drivers. Mid-low-frequency section is presented by a pair of identical heads, 140-mm diffusers of which are made by the patented AS Cone technology (cellulose base is reinforced with the thinnest aluminum foil). An inch tweeter is equipped with the dome made of impregnated fabric and can work up to 25 kHz. Such reserve is firstly necessary to decrease non-linear distortions in the audible frequency band that is perceived as more natural and accurate sound.

Aurally the tonal balance of loudspeakers seems to be quite smooth, except, perhaps, the extreme top, which is slightly sharp. However, there are minimum claims to the tweeter's work. The upper case is clearly drawn - discants are well-turned and at the same time somatic. Generally, Elac speaker systems are quite dynamical and have high detailing in the whole spectrum. Bass is greatly worked out, there were no questions to its depth and readability. At the same time, the transparency of MIDs seemed to be slightly reduced that, however, is noticeable only at the recordings of the highest quality. The construction of sound space here is also unusual: the stage is densely filled directly between the speaker systems, the scale is accurate. Claims to localization come down only to one thing - I would like more confident positioning of imaginary sources at the edges of stereo panorama.

Elac FS 67.2 Floor standing speakers photo