Elac FS 109.2 Floor standing speakers

Three-way loudspeaker - FS 109.2 has recently taken the place of the flagship reorganized series 100. The diffusers of LF/MF drivers are made of cellulose, covered with 0.2-mm layer of aluminum foil. A pair of 140-mm drivers plays bass. One more driver of the same size plays the MIDs and there is a special compartment in the loudspeaker's body for it. The tweeter is built on the neodymium magnet. Its dome membrane is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. The dome and frame of sound coil are made as a one unit. All the speakers are magneto-shielded.

Elac FS 109.2 keeps tonal neutrality. The hearing slips across the spectrum, reading easily the texture of musical image, without meeting any slightest dissonant obstacles. Purity and natural plastic of musical lines are everywhere; there is no sign of nonlinear "sharpness". Spacious effects are correct. At any rational increase of volume the German pair does not allow to leave the frames of once and forever adopted neutrality. Elac FS 109.2 is a universal loudspeaker for relatively small rooms, which is able to accurately recreate the aura of any music styles and involves the listener by peripeties of subtle musical matters.

Elac FS 109.2 Floor standing speakers photo