Elac FS 108.2 Floor standing speakers

The speaker system FS 108.2 refers to a modified 100 series. The family includes 6 classical models and all necessary theatre components. The main feature of new "100th" is the use of woofer/mid-range speakers with two-layer aluminum-cellulose hemispherical diffusers, which previously sounded only in more expensive ELAC models. The magnet system is neodymium. Acoustic lens is under high-frequency dome, made of aluminum with magnesium-manganese additives. The lens corrects the radiation of the head in the area of upper octave (10-20 kHz). The body, made of 18-mm MDF, is reinforced by a pair of bracings and moderately damped. The speaker systems are installed on the metallic legs. Feedback in basses can be regulated by inserting a foam plug (included) into one of two bass-reflexes, grouped by the total volume. "Two-storey" filter contains resettable fuses. Separate connection is not provided - there is only a couple of isolated according to European standards terminals.

Sound. You straight note the perfect quality of high frequencies. Jazz brushes and plates are just super! Bass is modest in depth, the pair does not enter to carry unwieldy blocks, but everything what the pair does with low frequencies is clear and tidy, without cluttering midranges by nonlinear layers. Mid-high-frequency pack is almost perfect. Perhaps, global symphonic forms are not so convincing, but the accuracy of chamber pictures is above all praise. FS 108.2 is an extremely delicate pair, which is good for strict music lovers, who are going to buy stereo pairs for a relatively small room. The recordings of small instrumental groups - both jazz and classical - are especially charming. For radical bass you can refer to one of the branded subwoofers.

Elac FS 108.2 Floor standing speakers photo