Cabasse Jersey MT360R Floor standing speakers

Like all systems of the French company, Cabasse Jersey differs by exceptionally high power reserve (nominal power is 100W, peak - 700W). Add to this a record value of sensitivity - 95,5 dB... Big magnets, cast metallic baskets, lightweight paper diffusers tell own tale of capabilities of LF/MF-drivers. Large polymer dome of the tweeter is in the base of a small horn. Heavy body is equipped with horizontal strut and richly muted by felted absorber. Crossover (LF/MF section is of second order, HF - of the third) is assembled on the high-voltage capacitors and induced coils with E-shaped open cores. The connection is two-wire.

Bright advantage of the French pair is great bass. Cabasse Jersey plays bass deeply, purely and dynamically; the accuracy of midbass is awesome. In this regard, hard rock sounds really emotionally. The image keeps integrity even at significant volume changes. At the same time the speaker system has quite generalized interpretation of spatial effects. Cabasse Jersey MT360R is a powerful, universal speaker system with perfectly developed basses, which is able to shake the fans of modern hard music and meet strict requirements of keen connoisseur of classics.

Cabasse Jersey MT360R Floor standing speakers photo