Mirage OMNI 550 Floor standing speakers

The Canadian company "Mirage" has used the patented omnipolar layout of speakers for a long time, which is implemented almost in all models. The essence of the construction is in the use of special scattering lens under the high-frequency emitter, with a help of which 360-degree field is formed. I must say that the company has achieved quite good results, and the model Omni 550 is the next evidence of this fact. An emitter with 25-mm aluminum dome and reinforced magnetic system is used here as tweeter. The other two heads (with the diameter of 165 mm) have diffusers, made of fiberglass, which has a high flexural rigidity. The acoustic design is the bass-reflex, two ports of which are placed on the back wall. The body itself has rounded side walls for minimization of parasitic resonances and is finished with qualitative vinyl film, imitating wood. There only one pair of cable terminals on each speaker system, but they are very convenient and allow the use of pretty thick wire.

We have repeatedly checked on the ability of Mirage systems at correct placement to literally dissolve in space, leaving almost three-dimensional sound picture to the listener. And this time the effect was the same. Mirage Omni 550 filled out our listening room, giving us already familiar slightly muffed branded sound. A slight lack of extreme top is found in many Mirage models and can be considered to be "flair" that distinguishes them from the mass of modern sonorous speaker systems. The systems build a solid sound with good detailing of low-frequency spectrum. Bass register is moderately energetic and strong, but too "hard". Sometimes this leads to confusion in representation of rhythmic picture and slight loss of clarity of lower middle. Dynamic contrasts here are quite naturally limited by the sizes of the body, but quite correspond to our expectations. So, you should use volume control rationally - Mirage does not like excessive levels and can show audible signs of overloading. Speaking about genre preferences of this system, we should note its obvious attraction to chamber compositions with clear compositional structure.

Mirage OMNI 550 Floor standing speakers photo