Cabasse reviews

Cabasse Jersey MT360R Floor standing speakers review
Floor standing speakers Cabasse Jersey MT360R

Like all systems of the French company, Cabasse Jersey differs by exceptionally high power reserve (nominal power is 100W, peak - 700W). Add to this a record value of sensitivity - 95,5 dB... Big magnets, cast metallic baskets, lightweight paper diffusers tell own tale of capabilities of LF/MF-drivers....
Cabasse Pluton II Subwoofer review
Subwoofer Cabasse Pluton II

Pluton II has narrowband design type. The housing consists of two chambers communicating with the external environment through a "coaxial" reflex port. In large diameter pipes (resonator at the camera) is inserted pipe thinner - resonator far (greater volume) camera. Speaker mounted on the partition...
Cabasse Samoa MT420R Bookshelf speakers review
Bookshelf speakers Cabasse Samoa MT420R

Samoa is a shelf speaker system of the series MT420R, which also contains three floor speaker systems, center, rear pair and the sub. Proportions of the body, covered with vinyl film, are traditional. Fabric protective-decorative grills, the color of which is available in two variants (black and light),...