KEF Q30 Floor standing speakers

KEF Q30 is two-way speaker system with the bass-reflex. An original patented solution, aimed to improve acoustic characteristics, is used in the system. The solution lies in spatial combination of high-frequency and low-frequency emitters: the tweeter's dome (diameter is 21mm) is placed in the center of the woofer's cone (diameter is 180 mm). Bass-reflex output is on the faceplate. The recommendable range of amplifier's power is from 10 to 125 W per channel. The requirements of the developers-acousticians put the developers in a predicament: how can the aesthetics of "box" be saved with sizes of 700x190x300 mm, with the speaker's "plate" and hole of bass-reflex, if their place on the body's panel is defined? Found solution is in front of you: the developers had to divide the faceplate into two equal parts by nice decorative grills - and no problems. Sound (as evidenced by frequency response) is carried out in the best traditions of English speaker system. Flatness from 200 Hz to 25 kHz rarely reaches the value of ±3 dB. Q30 perfectly plays piano, vocal, chamber and pop music. Richness of timbre color is kept for the most of musical instruments. Surely, nobody would mind if the lower border of the system's range tied with 20 Hz, but this would be already an excessive demand to two-wire speaker system. Patten function makes an exceptional impression: frequency response, measured at an angle of 45°, very slightly differs from the measured on the acoustic axis. The experts confidently noted that the area of reliable stereo effect significantly exceeds a normal range. The system's sensitivity is 88 dB. Minimal impedance is less than 4 Ohms, nominal value is 6 Ohms.

KEF Q30 Floor standing speakers photo