Floor standing speakers Wharfedale Pacific Evo-20

"Twenty" - a very beautiful pair of two-way series Pacific Evolution (Evo-10, Evo-40). Reliable and versatile silk tech Kevlar; polished natural rosewood veneer, just a member of the rack slots, support powerful spike - soundly, solidly rich ... very serious attention is paid to the body: tapering to the rear profile (against harmful standing waves), two thick horizontal braces inside (one - on third of the height from the bottom, the second - at the front reflex port) plus vertical "spar", which is attached to the charge separation filters. Crossover - only five elements, but no! Two capacitors 250 volts with a tolerance of 5%, two air core coils and dropping resistor - second-order filters. Number of absorber - moderate. Tweeter with neodymium magnet and serious silk dome diaphragm located on the upper part of the facade, with "angled" exterior design - made of metal. Close midrange/woofer driver is provided with a conical dust cap. Audiophile-quality terminals with large webs and the supplied white gloves - good tone.

Couple Wharfedale Pacific Evo-20 distinguished, perhaps the most melodious sound; amazingly light monitors it for nuanced harmonic structures - very intelligently designed 2-way speaker. Tonally true arrayed images appear in a slightly softened light. Immediately evaluate the realism of natural timbre of instruments - violin plays as beautifully! Quite strong, with a good "attack" the bass at higher volume loses its shape, reduces the transparency of the lower middle - two-way schemes are not infinite possibilities. But the image of the space detailed and three-dimensional. With great pleasure to listen to in the performance of chamber Wharfedale Pacific Evo-20 classics, jazz, folk music ...

Wharfedale Pacific Evo-20 Floor standing speakers photo