Polk Audio RTi12 Floor standing speakers

The speaker systems outstrip rivals by sizes, mass and the number of drivers (six). The woofer and mid-ranges emit by membranes made of polymer composite (Dynamic Balance technology), there are powerful shielded magnets in the speaker's motors. The question with thermal protection of the tweeter (its silk dome only plays the role of aluminum - it is painted in silver color) was originally decided: the radiator in the form of star is mounted on the neodymium magnet. The configuration of drivers is curious. Mid and high frequencies form a symmetrical d'Appolito scheme, work in the isolated chamber. Lower there are "port-holes" of woofers. The bass-reflex ports in Polk Audio RTi12 are placed at the front and back of the body; there is the branded plastic screen - power port Plus behind the rear port: reverse horn splits air stream - this allows you to install the speaker systems close to the wall. Asymmetric system of internal reinforcing ribs provides high rigidity of the body. The supports and cones to them are screwed to the bottom of the body (details are plastic).

Sound. Our attention was immediately attracted by deep, free, perfectly articulated low register of Polk Audio RTi12. Its structures are clear, attacks are instant. Only very severe energy modes are able to cause confusion in the ranks of this Nordic bass. The speaker systems form large-scale, spacious musical scene, which enthrals with fable of virtual and spatial events. Sometimes we noted only some tonal simplifies of sound image. Light haze accompanies the transfer of middle octaves of the grand piano; plastic shade appears in the vibration of violin string. But the lovers of modern electro genres will note not these little wrinkles, but rather "militaristic" bass, outstanding energy endurance of the "Americans". How do you like such parameters: 18 Hz and 500W!? We think it is quite a thing.

Polk Audio RTi12 Floor standing speakers photo