Yamaha NS-50F Floor standing speakers

Design. Three drivers: 1.18 inch (30 mm) tweeter with textile dome and two identical 6.3 inch (160-mm) mid/bass heads work with two frequency bands NS-50F. The firm does not give the information about the dynamics (the material of diffusers and other specific features of their construction). The attempt to assess the strength of design gave a positive result: the frame is cut very well and tightly sewn, moderately muffled. In ratings there are a high value of the maximum power (240 W), sensitivity (90 dB/W/m) and the upper limit of the frequency range (35 kHz), which indicate the proper power of the sound, good compatibility with various AV-electronics and willingness to play ultrasonic content of modern digital audio formats (DVD-A, SACD). The bass reflex port is allocated at the front and it extends the capabilities of acoustic installation. Separate commutation is not possible. There are minimum two variants of decoration: lamination for black and light wood.

Sound. The meetings in the past with Yamaha acoustics always made a very pleasant impression on us. And this model is not an exception. Make sure once again that Japanese firm can make loudspeakers. The sound of NS-50F is checked, accurate and informative. Harmonious, expressive, open, colorful musical image is perfectly set up on the whole complex of sound parameters. The bass is elastic collected, mobile, in most cases, tonally well-designed (only occasionally a little color is heard). The tonal balance is natural, almost neutral. Over the entire frequency range the sound is distinct, well-articulated: loudspeakers stress dashed, graphic aspect of the musical texture. The power sound is very high: the system easily copes with a small dynamic relief; it plays very interesting at low volume. Completely universal model. In the theater, it is preferably a partnership with a subwoofer (YST-RSW300, YST-SW215, YST-SW320).

Yamaha NS-50F Floor standing speakers photo