Yamaha NS-555 Floor standing speakers

Yamaha NS-555 commands respect in its weight (20kg) and gorgeous multi-layered piano lacquer finish. The bodies create the impression of exceptional damping and seem to be cast from concrete. Apparently, such approach to design is one of key moments of concept "Natural Sound", which Japanese developers have adhered for more than half a century at the creation of their speaker systems. NS-555 is built by three-lane scheme; four drivers are installed in each speaker system. Mid- and high-frequency sections have already familiar horn design and consist of 25-mm tweeter with aluminum dome and 13-cm driver with the membrane made of PMD composite. Two woofers with the diameter of 162 mm with magnetic system of increased power are responsible for bass range. They work on the rear bass-reflex.

As befits a model of such class, massive spring terminals allow the connection by two-wire schemes. The build quality and the quality of parts fitting are truly perfect; however, it is the rule for Yamaha not an exception.

The character of NS-555 sound is in the best traditions of this brand. This means almost full lack of visible coloring and maximal approaching to studio-monitor neutrality. Despite of the presence of four drivers, their connection is completely invisible and this is really impressive.

The speaker systems correctly transfer dynamical contrasts, showing the confidence at any volume level. The working range extends from the deep bass to ultra sound (upper passport border is 35 kHz). Absolute inertness of the body is felt while playing at any volume level. At the same time sound resolution is equally high in all parts of the range. The tweeter works especially effective, extracting unheard before nuances from familiar recordings. Speaking about the middle, it is also exceptionally perfect. None of the presented models could play this band so fully and informatively. The voices of performers are really like alive, tonal variety just amazes. No matter how I tried to find at least one disadvantage in sound of NS-555, I failed. Perhaps, it is worth to note only some "loudness" of the tweeter in the number of recordings, but this is easily compensated by reversal of the speaker systems relatively to the listener. Liberties or serious violations at the formation of sound stage were also not found.

Yamaha NS-555 Floor standing speakers photo