CD-player Technics SL-PG460A

The sound of the player Technics SL-PG460A has a metallic color, spaciousness and localization low level. Sound inexpressive, moderately underlined.

Equipment cd-player Technics SL-PG460A is traditionally pas very high level. I liked the well-designed remote control. An additional mode is A - B Repeat, which provides repetition chosen fragment of the recorded material. There is also a mode of Edit. Ability to connect to a synchronized tape deck is missing. There is a mode Fader, which reduces the volume to zero. Headphone output, equipped with gold-plated connectors, not adjustable.

Mechanic completely silent under all operating conditions. The disadvantage is too short network cable.

Quality remote control has been recognized as the best among all tested devices. It contains the control buttons in all modes, which are also on the front panel.

If you belong to rock fans or pop music, then I recommend you buy this player. I think that he will not disappoint your expectations.

Technics SL-PG460A CD-player photo