Technics SL-PS770A CD-player

The SL-PS770A is currently the most expensive model. The device is distinguished by a very high-quality execution of the mechanical units, so that it works without any interfering or just unpleasant noises. The movement of the loading tray is accompanied by a slight buzzing sound, which is similar to the sound made by an antique spring-driven fireplace clock before it starts to strike. The convenient arrangement of the buttons, broken down by functional groups, reduces the time required to get used to the unit to a minimum. Among the unusual features is the programming level reduction in time: you can set any duration of playback ranging from 5 sec to 99 min 59 sec, and after starting after a specified time, the volume will automatically reduce to zero. The mounting functions are very extensive: setting any tape time, peak search, automatic and programmable mounting, and programmable volume reduction at the end of the tape. In addition, the output level can be adjusted from the remote, but only during normal playback: to avoid accidentally ruining the recording in any of the editing modes, this adjustment is automatically turned off.

The sound of this player is light and calm on music of any genre, whether it is a recording of a Vivaldi concert from the hall or something from The Best Of ELP.

Technics SL-PS770A CD-player photo