Technics SL-PG440 CD-player

The overall impression of the traditionally high-quality design of this company's turntables is somewhat reduced by looking at the front panel made of plastic. The downside is noisy mechanics both during playback and loading and unloading the disc. At a low volume, the noise of mechanical components interferes with listening to recordings. Management is convenient, the functionality is standard, the indicator is clear.

The Technics SL-PG440 player reproduces musical works in the style of "rock" in a very spatial and deep stereo image, with good elaboration of details along the front and depth. Low frequencies are slightly lacking, their sound is not very clear. In general, the sound is balanced. We can say that the device provides a pleasant sound sometimes with insufficient dynamic range. Recordings of all the pieces of music used in testing sounded good.

There are complaints about the reproduction of classical music recordings. The headphone output is high level with low distortion. Listeners - lovers of big beat will be satisfied with the sound quality of this player.

Technics SL-PG440 CD-player photo