Floor standing speakers Heco Vitas 800

Vitas series includes eight different speakers, including two bookshelf (Vitas 200, Vitas 300), center(Vitas Center 2), subwoofer(SUB 25 A) and four floorstanding speakers(Vitas 500, Vitas 600, Vitas 700, Vitas 800). Heco Vitas 800 is the flagship model line and, consequently, they are the same - the largest and most powerful. The design is classic, without any new-fangled nonsense. These German speakers are made of 20 mm MDF panels and to improve body rigidity within the struts are in several places. Speakers are filters on three bands. At high frequencies, "plays" 25 - mm titanium tweeter with powerful neodymium magnet. In mid/bass ranges into the act five identical speakers with tough and very light polypropylene cone and powerful double magnets. Bass reflex for two, through them you can see that inside the body carefully muted synthetic wool. Terminals for connection to the amplifier is very small, but plated connectors and support of the "banana". Decoupling from the floor manufacturer provides massive plastic feet that act as thorns.

Magnetic protection, oddly enough, no. Stated that only the center channel lineup Vitas can be placed near a television.

Blooded, creating a beautiful, harmonious volume, air bass - sound impressive dignity German speaker pair. Lowercase Heco melodic, tonally defined, with a decent impulse response; high dynamic potential speakers Heco Vitas 800: at any amplitude modes coloring effects we are not found; slightly reduced bass detail when listening at low volume. Sound image in the interpretation of the speaker turns large, airy, three-dimensional, and thus effectively, with the scope is passed wide dynamic coverage, high energy and emotional tone of major orchestral arrays, records rock programs. Heco Vitas 800 playing relaxed, open manner, but not in a straight line, but rather correctly. In the HF region, we noted little simplification, uneven tone pattern, light color, which some increase with the volume (perhaps a consequence of the use of metal dome tweeter). The tonal balance is shifted slightly upward. Of the two main aspects of sound Heco preference chart - drawing lines, melodies, stroke - and only then coloring - paint tone. For this reason, the model as it emphasizes the intellectual context of the music, its architectonics. Sound pairs comfortable, does not cause fatigue.

Heco Vitas 800 Floor standing speakers photo