CD-player Technics SL-PS770D

Player is a direct descendant of the model SL-PS770A, which was awarded the prize EISA four years ago. In this model, in addition to the traditionally used instead of analog converter MASH digital filters supplied what, in fact, indicated by the change at the end of the letter designations firm. Player - one of the few available standby. It is traditional for the models of firm, since all the components Hi-Fi-complex Technics remotely controlled only the remote control and do not have tires. Among other things, it provides automatic retracting tray load on/riding mode. Of the unusual, but traditional models of firm opportunity to draw attention to mode Auto Cue, in which the player stops playback mode "pause" before each new track. Reducing the level of the fader or included within the set to within a second time and is automatically performed for five seconds with the translation into pause mode. Installation is possible in the preparation of records in two modes: automatic, broken tracks into two parts according to the specified duration of the program or tape when recording tracks choose the order set by the user. Adjusting the output level control panel is within 0-12 dB in 2 dB, which is sufficient for most cases. Note that the level of -12 dB corresponds to the output voltage of 0.5 V when playing records with a maximum level. Remote control buttons is saturated to the limit, but it is not a faceless "chocolate". Button depending on the function vary in size. So after some training may prompt management to the touch. Relatively low output impedance, the value is in the range of 750-800 ohms, can also be in the final list to be ranked player pluses.

Our specimen Technics SL-PS770D demonstrated a feature that may not be very important now, but may cause some inconvenience to the owner in the future, the wider dissemination of recordable CD-R. It is these wheels he refused to play. In this relatively new disks are marked as X-Reflex (ie with high reflection), the player considered only CBT and older without this mark, he could not even identify. However, this problem is solved by simply increasing the laser power, but the appropriate adjustment is available only to specialists.

Whether in connection with the trademark name, or something else for whatever reason (one-bit MASH, for example), but such " technical mastery " permission in the sound - still search. Comparing phones, we're pretty easy to "calculate" the position of the model in the overall hierarchy: for detail - "good", in relation to the vocal - neither dryness nor luxurious softness. Generally Technics SL-PS707D on stage to get their way: the soloist in his presentation focused on the line between the speakers and the choir - just for her. The scale of this picture was quite adequate, as it seemed to us, the real. On the one hand, could be regarded as a positive thing by far, on the other - as a "new" look at playing the track, which has become familiar to the last note. The fact that the idealized self test material (record) still do not have - a reality, by and large virtual... The situation was clarified himself "lover of truth" when in the execution process took soloist and pushed a little aside: focus "on four".

Technics SL-PS770D CD-player photo