Wharfedale Valdus 400 Floor standing speakers

Wharfedale Valdus 400 is a three-way speaker system of bass-reflex type. The bass-reflex port adorns the faceplate. The speaker systems are impressively designed, perhaps even catchy, but in taste and without cheapness. In addition, plastic contours of the front panel look acoustically appropriate. The sizes are 800x250x264 mm. The diameter of the high-frequency dome is 30 mm, woofers have dimensions of 205 mm each. Music power is 150W. Left part looks very presentably: flat, monotonous line to the top of a moderate peak at 130 Hz and then - a firm adherence of the selected half-value line (± 2 dB) at the streaming in the direction of frequency buildup. All of these are the evidence of high system's class. There are no any serious comments on to 10 kHz - only local reduction of the sensitivity on 2 kHz. The behavior of curved line in the area from 10 to 20 kHz a bit disquiets, because frequency response unevenness noticeably increases. It seems that the observed features of the system characterize it as the person with quite high degree of the individuality. Moreover, these individual characteristics should not be considered as disadvantages. This is exactly that case when music lovers begin to painfully mince words and search them in spaces of visual images and mental associations. The speaker systems Valdus 400 sound beautiful; many will love their interpretation of music image. The system is very low-directivity (a vast area of stereo effect) that allows using it for public events like collective auditions, home concerts and discos. The sensitivity is high - 91 dB. Input impedance characteristic and the range of additional measurements give the bass-reflex tuning frequency of 40 Hz. In accordance with technical description the nominal impedance of the speaker systems is 6 Ohms.

Wharfedale Valdus 400 Floor standing speakers photo