Denon PMA-525R Amplifier

Smooth adjustment of loudness is implemented in Denon PMA-525R. When "SOURCE DIRECT" button is on, it turns off as well as controls of balance and timbre. By the way, about timbres. The results of measurements showed that this device has absolutely equal rise and slope - 9 dB in basses and tops that is 1 dB more than is specified in instruction. The use of one LED, located near startup button, for indication of three functions is visible and attracting: rarely flashing, it shows that the amplifier is just turned on or switched into standby mode by the comand from remote control, continuously burns during normal work and flashes often in emergency mode. Remote control is possible not only by the amp, but also differnt blocks of the complex: there are 28 functions, including standby mode. And three network sockets, two of which areswitchable, give additional facilities for organization of home complex. Although the electronic input selector of Denon PMA-525R is very similar to the Marantz PM-53 selector by performance, copying of recordings is possible only from one tape recorder. The amplifier is able to give the power more than 95W with distortions of about 0,05% at nominal load impedance of 4 ohms. The sound rated as good was especially impressive at the playing of chamber music.

Denon PMA-525R Amplifier photo