Denon PMA-700AE Amplifier

"700th" causes only respect. The device is made in the best traditions of the brand - you can't fault it. Everything that we get used to see in electronics with mark "Made in Japan" is in this device. Profiled front panel made of aluminum is paved with handles of different sizes, which rotate gently, without any gaps. The amplifier is assembled on a solid, relief stamped chassis and is closed by quite a massive housing. There is the triumph of simplicity inside: one massive transformer, one big radiator, one common board. A broad-branded circuit technique and a single-stage output circuit on high-current transistors are used in PMA-700AE. The equalizer, loudness scheme (both are disconnectable), an electromechanical selector for six sources and a motorized volume control are provided here. The opportunities of the amplifier are expanded by record selector and switcher of speaker systems, and also by phono amp for MM type heads.

When you want to describe in a one word the sound of this amp - "accurate" immediately comes to mind. However, this definition is too formal and mashed. The best epithet for PMA-700AE is infallible (not in an absolute sense, of course, but for its price category). It is impossible to find fault in its sound. First, it seems to be more powerful than indicated in the passport. The device has a very high dynamic, is able to "fire up" low-resistance floor speaker systems and make the most insensitive monitors wail. And what is doubly pleasant: there is no any hint of harmonic or intermodulation distortion. The scene is good, detailing is normal. Such device should be sealed into a box and put it near the international standard meter with a sign - "the sample of sound for $500".

Only a person, spoiled by Hi-End, may make claims to sound of PMA-700AE. Bass damping is not ideal - the control of the lowest area is slightly weakened. There is a light touch of mechanicalness in middle area. Music sounds cheerfully, lively but this life seems to arise in vitro. Synthetic subtext is captured at high frequencies too. How serious are these shortcomings? Not at all. In order to notice shortcomings you have to find them in direct comparison with equipment of much higher class or to inspire them. There is only one minus which is found out with "naked ear" - simplified sound with vinyl player. However, naive to expect something outstanding - today, unfortunately, you have to pay for a good separate RIAA corrector not less than for PMA-700AE.

Denon PMA-700AE Amplifier photo