Denon PMA-725R Amplifier

This device with typically Japanese design has almost all set of functions, which are necessary for qualitative sound and copying the recordings. Existing record selector allows easy connecting to any of two tape recorders with through path (one of them can be DAT) of four signal sources and copying recordings in any direction. "Vinyl" input has switch key of MM/MC type head and is quite handily emphasized in separate functional group on the back panel together with ground connector. The relay switch is used for commutative elements of input selector, in so doing the connected input is identified by its own LED. Besides this, there is the original power indication: when turning on the amplifier, setting it in standby mode or MUTTING, this LED flashes seldom and glows continuously during normal operation. The loudness, especially effective at low signal levels, shutdowns together with balance and tone chains at turning on SOURCE DIRECT mode. The remote control, except handling the amplifier itself, provides full control of the cassette deck, CD player and partially the tuner (surely if it is from "Denon"). Three power sockets, one of which is uninterrupted, give additional service possibilities. Two mains power transformers (own for each channel), discrete elements in output cascades, applied high-quality elements and circuit technology, traditionally careful manufacturing and setting allowed giving quite high rates. At load resistance of 4 Ohm and frequency of 1 kHz the amplifier can provide the distortion less than 0,1 %, having about 100W output power per channel. At the same time extremely good sound was provided in the most musical programs at neutral position of tone control. The recordings of popular music, which has a lot of electronic effects, gave especially good impression. In addition, small jazz compositions on the acoustic instruments sounded brightly and lively.

Denon PMA-725R Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 65 Watts into 8 ohms