Denon PMA-2000AE Amplifier

Judging by the index, this model, although it is only a step above the recently tested amplifier PMA-1500AE, but if we focus on the dimensional and weight indicators of the novelty, there is no doubt that the "two thousandth" is another step up. Extremely solid and weighty device! And if you take into account the design features, the quality of its performance and electronic components used, then in PMA-2000AE you start to see a direct descendant of Denon High End class amplifiers of S series. Ten years ago a very similar model called PMA-S10 was produced. Up to now among other Japanese amplifiers in this price category there is no equal to it.

The PMA-2000AE is terminated with a new generation of UHC-MOSFET high current field effect transistors. The description also mentions push-pull circuitry, but it seems to be relevant only for the pre and driver stages of the amplifier, because the heat dissipation does not let you say that the PMA-2000AE works in class A (push-pull stage cannot do it any other way). The power system is based on electrolytic capacitors with improved properties and three transformers (an additional one is used to power the microprocessor, the selector relay and the volume control servo). The space inside the amplifier is divided into six sections, the chassis is made multi-layer and covered with copper, and the casing has anti-vibration elements. The PMA-2000AE has a bypass tone control, but the signal path can be shortened to a minimum by using a Direct input to connect the source directly. Having inputs to the power amplifier and outputs from the preamp allows you to integrate the unit into more complex or multi-channel audio systems. There is also a handy record selector and a built-in phono stage. As you can see, both functionally and externally, the PMA-2000E is a beauty. And how is the sound?

The sound of the Japanese amplifier conquers with amazing linearity up to the lowest frequencies (bass is saturated, but perfectly damped), expressive attack and clear midrange. The playback is transparent, the sound picture is not overloaded with distracting details and therefore is very musical. "The Japanese sounds almost as precise and neutral as the Audio Aero Prima amplifier, but it has a much hotter temperament. It perfectly copes with music of any genre orientation. It can make heavy or modern rock sound incendiary, it can bring the playfulness of jazz improvisations, show the finest performance nuances of virtuoso playing, and put its soul into vocals. In other words, this Denon immediately disposes you to listen to it. However, I will not idealize the PMA-2000E. It does have some shortcomings. The upper register, if you listen to the device for a long time, begins to seem a little synthetic. The sound stage is a little bit flattened in depth - the foregrounds are moved away, the backgrounds are closer. The localization is very sharp, the ear seems to "see" even the contours of the singers and instruments, but the compressed echelon gives all the images a flat look. And the phono stage left mixed emotions - it sounds pedigree, but the sound is a bit washed out. Of course, this amplifier deserves attention. All the more, to find speakers with even deeper scene and even more neutral high frequencies reproduction, than the editorial benchmarks of Monitor Audio, nowadays is not a problem.

Denon PMA-2000AE Amplifier photo