Marantz PM-53 Amplifier

The appearance and button disposition of selector, inputs on curved front panel differs the Marantz brand from others and duplication of record is available from any tape recorder in any direction. In the mode of direct section only tone control can be turned off, but tone compensation should be turned off separately.

As usual in latest models of the firm in case of small quantity of the buttons one can manage on host bus almost by 2 hundred functions of complex, consisted of Marantz blocks. The display is simple, but quite sufficient: switching on, signal source and mute. There are two play buttons on the remote controller: one is for waiting regime, another is for complete disconnection. If other blocks of the complex connect to the three sockets, they will switch off. The present version is provided only by sockets of American standard, it will complicate their direct usage. You will need the adapter for wall plugs. We have two remarks as for posterior aspect. There is not color labeling of left and right channels on the socket outlet. It is not dangerous, but it is uncomfortable during the first connection. The plug sockets for the headshell and CD-record player are gold yellow. The power output of PM-53 amplifier is measured only on 8 ohm load resistance, so the value, which is pointed out on the device is acceptable. However, the level of distortion is quite low: in case of power 77 w, which is just 3 w lower than nominal power, composed only 0,028%.

Marantz PM-53 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 65 Watts into 8 ohms