Focal-JMlab Chorus 725 Floor standing speakers

Chorus 725 is a crowning model of the Jmlab budget series and a good epilogue to the research work aimed at achieving extreme heights. The meter-high (39") speakers look gracefully. Despite a decent height and slenderness, they are quite stable - the center of gravity is on the lower part, where the powerful magnets of the woofers are located. The internal volume of the speaker is well-muffled. The brand midrange and bass heads radiate sound with polyglass diffusers. Remember that Polyglass is a complex layered structure: on a cellulose-based coating microsphere particles of quartz bound by a special polymer are applied. By varying the thickness of this layer, one can optimize the properties of the speakers to emit a specific frequency range. The concave dome of the tweeter is made of titanium. To reduce the Q of the membrane resonances the HF membrane is coated with a thin film of titanium dioxide. Speakers are mounted on legs with rubber surround, but in the kit there is an alternative variant - spikes.

The dynamic resource of the system allows you to preserve the freedom of music movement in the entire spectral space image. The audio coloring is slightly "warmed" by highly active acoustics at low frequencies. Perhaps no other system in the test does produce such an impressive bass. One can largely agree with the LF-concept of the developers, who embodied the dream of a radical bass, shared by many audiophiles, in their flagship speaker. Frighteningly realistic are rhythmic beats of the drum, large symphonies sound plausibly... The system does not force the listener to an excess of "juicy" high-frequency details, but its timbre palette of its slightly relaxed sound is perceived as richly saturated. In a fairly wide range of volume levels, the speaker demonstrates uncommon microdynamics, which promotes naturalization of a sound image and depth perception of spatial effects. Regarding the latter, a combination of sweep stereo with good localization of instrumental groups and soloists impresses very much. A dominance of low-frequency content is more noticeable in the dense polyphonic recordings of symphonic works, where the band makes the most of its considerable bass potential. Increasing volume leads to a commensurate increase in scale.

Chorus 725 transmits large musical works particularly impressively - from symphonic works of art to rock concerts. However, good microdynamics allows the system to delve into the intricacies of fine chamber music forms. More spacious premises (above 25 sq. m) are advised to be used as a listening room.

Focal-JMlab Chorus 725 Floor standing speakers photo