Focal-JMlab Chorus 716V Floor standing speakers

Chorus 716V are built by 2.5-way scheme with cutoff frequencies on 300 and 3000 Hz. The main range is played by the pair of midbass heads with the diameter of 16.5 cm (6,5"). They are equipped with Polyglass diffusers, the manufacturing technology of which implies coating the smallest glass spheres on the membrane's surface for increasing of rigidity. The lower driver has a traditional dustproof cap and the nearby one has the phase-equalizing header. The upper case is sounded by an inch tweeter with a concave dome made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. It differs not only by extended to 28 kHz working band, but also by high overload capacity. The special attention is paid to the rigidity and strength of the body. Massive MDF plates with the thickness of 20 mm (3/4") with the system of internal struts were used for its assembly.

Focal Chorus 716V speaker system is quite balanced tonally and doesn't differ by noticeable to ear coloring. Impressive macro-dynamics is sound attracts, which is more than enough for the most energetic genres. The middle is drawn in perfectly, combining an enviable variety with the highest detailing. There were no claims to the upper range - the tweeter works truly exemplary. Discants in its performance acquire naturalness; even the smallest details of sound atmosphere do not escape notice. Bass register is remembered by great depth as well as excellent elaboration in its main part. However, closer to the lower border the degree of control slightly decreases. Sound space amazes by volume. The stage is three-dimensional and woven from well-placed sources, albeit slightly increased in sizes.

Focal-JMlab Chorus 716V Floor standing speakers photo