Focal-JMlab Cobalt 816S Floor standing speakers

In 2003 the speaker systems of Cobalt series from the French Focal JMLab got with "S" index technological know-how of Electra and Utopia series. Cobalt 816S is equipped with a new version of the branded Tioxid 5 tweeter (Electra has the same). The form and material of membrane (convex dome made of titanium with film made of dioxide of the same material with the thickness of only several microns) allowed to bring the first resonant frequency of the diaphragm into ultrasonic area. The diffusers of LF/MF drivers are made by Sandwich "W" technology; acoustically transparent dustproof cap is the difference of new Cobalt S from the elder one. In front there is an "eternal" metallic mesh.

Sound. An acoustic image, created by Focal Cobalt 816S, is transparent and full of French elegance. Violin's string, "gold" of trumpet, whistle of flute are beautifully outlined and plastic. Tonal aspect is transferred amazingly nice - especially in the mid and high registers. Accuracy of the presentation of the image's structural details smoothly rises at passage from the middle to top of the range and slightly falls in bass. The speaker systems arrange the front plan of the stage at comfortable, average distance from the listener. Virtual details of panorama are clear and very stable. Large and tight bass of 816S a little bit lags behind movable middle and top as if slightly elongates double-bass and organ tones. Local blurs of the image arise in the case at the work in high energetic modes.

Music of small and medium performance groups is proffered for Focal Cobalt 816S. Soft furniture in medium-sized room may pacify HF activity.

Focal-JMlab Cobalt 816S Floor standing speakers photo