Focal-JMLab Chorus 726 S Floor standing speakers

716 S is the model from the fully upgraded Chorus series. It is immediately felt that the developers thoroughly challenged for purity of sound against foreign substances. Strong body is reinforced with bulkheads, and a solid MDF panel is installed in its bottom part - to reduce the efficiency of wave resonances of air volume. Low frequency and LF/MF drivers are fixed on the facade by six self-tapping screws each. Their diffusers are the latest version of Polyplas technology (quartz particles fall on the surface of cellulose in a special way). The concave dome of the new TNC tweeter is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy the induction in the gap of neodymium magnet is 1.6 Tesla! MF/HF branches of the crossover are optimized (OPC), all the heads are magneto-shielded. Three variants of the finish are provided: dark apple tree (Calvados), light (Style) and grey (Technic).

Foacl-JMLab Chorus 716 S is a true finding for the lovers of mature, fundamental bass. At the same time, bass is given correctly, in good manner. However, low-frequency fullness can cause the feeling of little shift of color, but this feeling will go away quickly. By virtue of perfect dynamical resolution musical images are turned out to be rich, relief and very expressive. High-frequency content is presented contrastingly, with slight pressure, so I can say that sometimes in symphonic paintings, filled to the brim with "battle" sounds, you want even to decrease the brightness. The system confidently works at extreme volume levels, only the lower bass becomes a bit rougher. Focal-JMLab Chorus 716 S is the powerful versatile speaker system with luxury basses and full dynamics.

Focal-JMLab Chorus 726 S Floor standing speakers photo