Cyrus CD 8x CD-player

Depite the unusual performance, Cyrus audio equipment was able to win over the most demanding audiophiles. Moreover, having collected an army of fans around the world under, Cyrus turned from "one more" British into a cult Hi-Fi brand. This partly explains why Cyrus doesn't hurry to launch new models on the market, but regularly update the most successful ones. CD 8x is surely among them.

What's new in the device with X index? It has another remote control with advanced management features (functions for DVD and AV processor were added). The topology of 4 layer PCB is optimized, elements for the analog filter are more carefully selected. As before, the Philips mechanism noisily pushes the tray, but it does an excellent job with the direct responsibility - playback. In the power supply there are two toroidal transformers. A couple of DACs, Burr-Brown PCM1738 (24-bit/192 kHz), is responsible for conversion in the differential inclusion. Notice that the analog outputs are also two pairs here. The entire filling is placed in a cast metal case and is covered on the bottom with a plastic pallet with a copper-silver shielding coating.

In our reference system, Cyrus CD 8x showed all its talents. Sources in the scene are localized ideally and line up strictly according to the plans, although the reproduction itself is more impressive than usual. The timbres are very picky, but cold. Rich unlimited dynamics throughout the range adds resoluteness to the sound. Speaking about balance on the micro-dynamic level, it's not successful: in the upper register the nuances appear better than in the MIDs, and in the low range they are just in short supply. Probably because of this, basses seem to be too straightforward, and sometimes even monotonous. All the drums are clearly worked out, the "infrasound" component is expressed perfectly, but the articulation of bass instruments that are more complex in terms of spectral composition is still a bit far from perfect.

Cyrus CD 8x CD-player photo