Celestion F15 Bookshelf speakers

The F15 is one of two representatives of the British Celestion F series that have not yet been tested with us. The line contains a pair of shelf and floor models plus speakers of the center channel and an active subwoofer. Of the "excesses" of the F15 - the possibility of separate switching ranges. Good body. Branded heads, especially the new tweeter with a domed titanium membrane, inspire great confidence.

A hallmark of Celestion is the ability to provide decent sound for little money. F15 without surprises - excellent quality of the entire mid/high part of the musical spectrum. On the classics, the sound pleases with timbre richness, freshness and transparency. Thanks to the dynamic potential, which is extraordinary for this category of loudspeakers, amplitude drops of symphonic scale and temperament are powerfully and effectively obtained. We were pleasantly surprised by the low frequencies: the system is very rational, without the characteristic "adventurism" in the upper part of the low-frequency register, it distributes bass energy, never leaving the sound structure without a foundation.

The F15 is an example of a well thought out shelf concept. The essential advantages of the acoustic system make it universal in stereo music. If you add a proprietary center and subwoofer, you get a great theater.

Celestion F15 Bookshelf speakers photo