Highland Audio Oran 4305 Floor standing speakers

Wide platforms are attached to the set of high "towels" Highland Audio Oran 4305. A small diameter of bass-reflexes causes slight embarrassment - usually there is the tendency to make them larger to reduce "aerodynamic" side-tones. Natural veneer finish and high-quality audiophile terminals pleasantly surprised. The drivers are placed on the faceplate by D'Appolito scheme: the tweeter with a titanium dome is between two 12-cm mid-woofers with the advanced metal-ceramic diffusers. The scheme is two-way. Third order filters divides the range to 2500 Hz and the elements of crossovers are so coordinated with the drivers that you get not only linear frequency response, but entirely accurate response of drivers on pulse signals. From the descriptions of 4305 you will also know that internal wiring is made by the cables from oxygen-free OFC copper. Everything is convincing on the paper, as you see.

The listening immediately showed why Highland Audio 4305 got such flattering reviews in the press. We got used to the fact that acoustics from France, as a rule, does not differ by brilliant musical balance, but scores points in such indicators like dynamics of sound, tonal flavor, generosity. Here is also a little softened temperament and neutral, unusually harmonious sound, rather reminding the sound of first-class mini monitors. Bass is not too intensive, but deprived of boomy and "rubber" side-tones. Timbres in midrange are very accurate, rich and incredibly finely elaborated. Any music instruments in this range, female or male vocal are transferred with absolute naturalness. The upper band is a little less detailed. There is only one claim to the sound stage: hissing high-frequency components are localized worse than other imaginary sources - they as if gather to tweeters. But even this doesn't spoil spatiality of the playback. The French loudspeakers open scale and layout of stereo field out with almost perfect accuracy.

Highland Audio Oran 4305 Floor standing speakers photo