Mirage M-390is Floor standing speakers

Mirage M-390is is a two-way bass reflex speaker system with a bass reflex port located on the front panel. The diameter of the soft titanium-coated tweeter dome is 25 mm; the molded polypropylene cone of the woofer has a diameter of 165 mm. The system allows connection according to bi-wiring and bi-amping schemes. The speakers have an elegant appearance, designed in a good style. Their dimensions are 216x854x261 mm. The frequency response looks great. However, low frequencies look and sound especially good. The main merit here, obviously, is in the carefully developed electrodynamic system of the low-frequency driver. I would like to say good words to the acoustic design, its role in providing a decent lower limit of the frequency range should not be underestimated. A gentle monotonous decay of the characteristic in the region from 120 to 20 Hz and low unevenness at frequencies above 120 Hz guarantee high fidelity in the reproduction of the low-frequency part of the spectrum of any musical work. Nothing in the sound, up to the upper end of the frequency range, breaks the vivid impression of getting to know its lower part. Local irregularities rarely reach the boundaries of the ±3 dB corridor. The boundary of the spheres of influence of the low-frequency and high-frequency heads is indistinguishable. A special charm gives the sound (and characteristics!) A barely noticeable increase in sensitivity from 8 to 20 kHz. I would like to note that all parameters of the measured frequency response are in very good agreement with the parameters given in the technical description, which indicates their high stability. Mirage M-390is, of course, is one of the most successful systems in its class. It can be safely recommended to the most demanding audience for listening to the most complex and capacious pieces of music. The speakers provide high spatial uniformity, eliminating the need to point them directly at the listener. The system sensitivity is average - 86 dB at 2.83 V at 1 meter in a free field. The characteristic of the input impedance module gives the phase inverter tuning frequency of about 40 Hz. The nominal resistance according to our data is about 5 ohms, according to the technical description - 8 ohms. The filter section frequency is 1.8 kHz.

Mirage M-390is Floor standing speakers photo