Mirage OMD-15 Floor standing speakers

The concept of this Canadian manufacturer is well known - contrary to traditional approaches to speaker systems' design the company confidently follows the ones accepted concept. I mean the principle of omnipolar, i.e. omnidirectional, radiation that does not require precise positioning of speaker systems relatively to a listener. Such approach appeals to many listeners, so the number of fans of Mirage is growing every year.

Steamlined floor standing Mirage OMD-15 speaker systems are slightly smaller than the flagship OMD-28, but have very similar structural elements. So, OMD-15 can be a perfect alternative by price, as well as sizes, and are designed for work in not very spacious rooms. The speaker systems have 2,5-way configuration with a separation on 1500 and 2300 Hz. Bass range is given to quite a compact 5,5-inch head with hybrid membrane on titanium base. It is located in the central part and loaded on the bass-reflex, turned to the gap between lower face of the body and the platform. The rest of the range is sounded by omnipolar assembly of midbass of the same diameter and a dome titanium tweeter with elliptical diffuser. The most interesting thing is that the midbass is supported by a passive 5,5" unit, which obviously allows to achieve more complete overlap between LF and MF bands.

The input terminals provide two-wire connection to an amplifier and accept any type of connectors. The finish of OMD-15 is truly gorgeous. In our case this is natural mahogany veneer, covered with several layers of lacquer, but High Gloss Black version is also available.

The sound of Mirage OMD-15 can be described as exceptionally comfortable and soft, literally satisfying the ear. Such effect is achieved, firstly, by incredibly melodious and rich middle, the sound resolution in which is sometimes frighteningly high. Even the smallest aspirations of vocalists and lots of details, which are not heard in other systems, are audible. The upper range in Mirage is quite thoroughly drawn, but not as rich with openness and abundance of nuances as the middle. Everything is in moderation here and enough for a full perception of any recordings.

The claims to playback of low-frequency band come down to insufficient hardness of kick sound, the contours of which are slightly blurred. Side tones of the body at comfortable volume are absent, but with volume increase you can notice a some reduction of overall transparency of sound and arising of a slight confusion in the very bottom part of audio spectrum. Therefore, it is not recommendable to twist the volume knob on the amp too much.

Speaking about sound stage, Mirage OMD-15 really create true mirages, dissolving in space without a trace and without betraying its participation in the formation of sound picture. However, this is the trademark of Mirage systems and people love it for this.

Mirage OMD-15 Floor standing speakers photo