Mirage OMNI 260 Floor standing speakers

MF/HF section of OMNI 260 is the general place for all models of the series: radiation of up-directed midrange driver is dissipated by a convex lens; installed in the upper part of the lens tweeter also radiates up, its sound is dissipated by the smaller lens. On the facade there is the woofer, which plays up to 700 Hz. Note that the traditional position of woofer does not violate the principle of omnidirectional coverage at low frequencies - long sound waves as if do not notice the loudspeaker's body. All drivers are magneto-shielded. Separate switching is not provided.

The brightest impressions from the play of Mirage OMNI 260 are connected with the peculiarities of organization of stereo panorama. It is not surprising that the character of sound at the change of listening position stays almost the same. Large-scale panorama goes far to the left and to the right, remaining integral and focused in the middle. The pair confidently works with low frequencies. Perhaps, for live classics basses are a bit rough, but for electro acoustic instruments - a perfect fit! As in the case with younger model, the detailing and flavor of sound of OMNI 260 quite heavily depend on the characteristics of a room: the more hollow the listening room is, the warmer image is.

Mirage OMNI 260 has an outstanding sound character. Musical images, created by the system, are perceived very comfortably and its manner to organize virtual space is especially attractive. Apparently, there are no serious grounds to speak about any genre priorities of the system.

Mirage OMNI 260 Floor standing speakers photo