Mirage OMNI 350 Floor standing speakers

OMNI series was introduced in 2002 and from that moment the technology of surround OMNIPOLAR has started its history. Its essence is simple - the speaker looks at an upward angle, but there is a small saucer above it which flings non-directional wave around the room. In 2006 a second generation of speaker systems, designed with using of this original method, saw the light. The model OMNI 350 is a compact version of the line's flagship (with the index 550).

The speaker systems are equipped with 25-mm tweeter with the dome made of aluminum and two 140-mm combined MF/LF drivers with diffusers of composite fiberglass.

The speakers work with overlap of "ranges of responsibility": one of combo-drivers plays sounds of LF and MF ranges from 40 to 700 Hz, the second one - from 40 to 2200 Hz. Due to the use of the patented waveguides - Omniguide - the acoustics has an excellent dispersion. The bodies are designed to effectively deal with appearing resonances and their rich external finish helps to solve design problems at the planning of the interior.

The design features make to stand out Mirage OMNI 350 among the competitors - none of models-competitors can boast of such an inventive approach to speakers' placement and setting of frequency filters.

And really the speaker systems make a lasting impression in stereo test: the familiar phonograms sound absolutely in a new light, allocation of sources inside the scene is absolutely different than in case of using speaker systems with traditional radiation pattern, and the scene itself changes its sizes and shape into a hemisphere, filling the listening room. However, the character of sound is not as interesting as transformation of zone of waves' propagation - a certain interference of images and decrease of intelligibility, connected to it, especially in the area of lower middle and upper bass are evident.

The technical potential of the speaker systems actively require the presence of any additional low-frequency module, so, choosing the set of acoustics for home cinema on the basis of Mirage OMNI 350, you have to think of subwoofer.

Mirage OMNI 350 Floor standing speakers photo