Marantz SA7001 CD-player

In 2006, following the results of the vote of magazines from the European Association EISA, particularly this player became the winner. The indisputable advantages of Marantz SA7001 include the possibility of listening to SA-CD.

The digital path of SA7001 is built on a "multistandard" (supports both PCM and DSD) integrated chip CS4397, which is produced by Cirrus Logic. And although this crystal, made back in 1999, cannot be called modern, its capabilities and technical data are still very attractive.

But the main feature of the described player, perhaps, is the power supply system, in which the transformer is used on the E-core, and the circuitry of analog circuits. Line outputs are made on branded HDAM micro-assemblies, covered by current feedback and characterized by low output impedance.

Marantz SA7001 has a catchy and very dynamic sound, especially when playing a CD. Rock and electronic musical compositions sound with an energetic drive and a groovy rhythm. The player plays jazz programs brightly, freely and with a large scale. The sound stage is slightly extended to the listener, the sources are enlarged, but localized with acceptable sharpness. Complaints can be caused only by the depth of the sound stage. It can't be called flat - the backgrounds sometimes extend quite far, but they are not very stable. A weighty, well-elaborated bass gives the sound a good base. High information content is observed in the upper case too. Discants sound light, dynamic, although not entirely neutral.

SA-CD music programs are heard differently - stricter, cleaner, the middle is more smoothly and vividly, and the top acquires a front shine. But these changes are generally cosmetic.

Without a doubt, this device will appeal to lovers of temperamental sound. But I would advise connoisseurs of refined washed sound to immediately turn their attention to the same model, but of KI modification, which sound clearer and more refined.

Marantz SA7001 CD-player photo