Marantz SA-15S2 CD-player

Marantz SA-15S2 can serve as a model for other manufacturers. Build quality is precise, materials are the best, and the design is effective, with blue backlight. And there are no signs of savings. SA-15S2 has dual chassis, front panel is cut as if from a solid aluminum plate, DM-10 mechanism is self-engineered. The Xyron loader tray comes out along the steel rails completely silently. Also, there are a separate power supply system for digital and analog units, electronic elements of audiophile quality, symmetry in the layout of printed circuit boards, buses and internal screens made of pure copper with "zero" resistance ...

Digital input allows you to use the player as an external converter. DSD and PCM conversion are implemented by the modern CS4398 chip, and the top HDAM-SA2 modules are installed at the output. All these elements dramatically affect the sound quality.

Marantz SA-15S2 forms a clearly divided scene that faithfully withstands the spatial scale of each imaginary source. The stereo panorama in Marantz view is not a flat picture at all, but a completely material three-dimensional model. In such cases, it is often said that the sound can be touched. And this is a very kind and reliable sign of the highest class audio equipment.

The advantages of Marantz SA-15S2 should also include high harmonic resolution in the main band. The middle is convex, clear, all acoustic instruments are real, and voices are alive. In principle, the player is able to convey all the subtleties of the harmonic flavor at the edges of the musical range, but in the low and high frequency bands it still does not have that tonal clarity, as in the middle. Discants, for example, are as if retouched - all details are audible. In the bass area, the percussion instruments are reproduced with amazing power and precise attack, but the after-sounds are more snatchy than necessary. This specificity is traced, by the way, only when playing CDs. As soon as you download SACD into the device, you will receive a sound that is close to the reference one in all respects.

Marantz SA-15S2 CD-player photo