Marantz CD-63 mkII K.I. Signature CD-player

This player, which created a real mess among audiophiles, isn't needed to be presented to our audience. Would a duck swim? By sound quality these quite inexpensive and available models saucily flied in the face of the devices standing 2 times and much more expensive. A copper plate graved with K.I.Signature on the faceplate means that this piece of work "was constructed and produced for getting the highest sound quality and then checked individually (tests - not less than 48 hours) and elaborated" by the recommendations of Ken Ishiwata - the technical director of Marantz Company. It should be said that this idea of delivery the equipment with audiophile sound quality on the basis of modifying of company's mass serial models comes out to be profitable. Lots of companies produce devices series of increased quality with SE index (or mkI, mkII and so on), which differs from basic models for the most part by using more qualitative components and materials and as a result by the best qualitative sound. But exactly Marantz brought this concept to the absolute, managing to produce both mass models and unique equipment by the same circuit technique and in almost the same constructive proposals. Very popular CD driver mechanism of CDM-12.3 type by Phillips is used as transport in CD-63 mkII K.I.S. It has a lineal driver of optical head, which has very high reputation among the producers of HiFi/Hi End CD players. Speaking about DAC, it is traditionally one-bit by the company NPS.

High quality of Marantz CD players to no small degree is owing to high qualitative output amplifier of analogue sound signal on discrete elements with widen dynamic range - HDAM, being brand identity of players of 63 and 67 series and High End player CD-17. Concerning with other models of Marantz players CD-63 mkII K.I.S. stands out by comparatively big weight which can be attributed to having additional copper screens and powerful supply transformer in its construction. The equipment of such high class has no small things, that's why a copper cable, made from oxygen-free copper, is used in the construction of supply transformer. The transformer itself has modifying construction and is installed on the chassis through vibration-absorbing elements for decreasing of vibrations. The chassis of the player is greatly strengthened and is covered by copper for decreasing the interference. The use of gilt RCA connectors on controllable analogue output and coaxial digital sound output shows solidity of the device too. Except of coaxial output the player has optical digital sound output and also input/output of system control bus with the remote control switcher from personal light-detecting device or by system bus. There is a possibility for sound control on analogue output, meaning of which displays on the indicator in the form of double horizontal line of 20 points. However, the availability of fixed output won't be superfluous for the device of such class. Marantz CD-63 mkII K.I.S. sounds really cool. What can I say: freely and relaxedly, with good transmission of sound atmosphere, with perfect dynamics and tone balance. But typical smoothness of sound, being to some extent a familiar feature of all Marantz CD players, is noticeable. At the same time, despite of smoothness, the sound of CD-63 mkII K.I.S. isn't simplified at all and doesn't yield to the best models in the test by the detailing. And also it differs by almost analogue character and amazing sound comfort. Music in Marantz presentation is wanted to be listened and listened. While testing we didn't want to analyze its sound advantages and disadvantages but wanted just to listen to music and enjoy its sound quality. One more plus: if you forget to put a disc to the loader, it will go back to the player on its own in several seconds. This is very good because the risk of its accidental damage is excluded.

Marantz CD-63 mkII K.I. Signature CD-player photo