DALI 8008 Floor standing speakers

The designers in DALI do not accept any superfluous "bells and whistles". The meter-high flagship of the latest version of the Blue Series is made in the classic age style - four reliable heads in an adequate acoustic design. Almost 50 liters of usable volume is reserved for the low-frequency section. The classic three-diapason speaker emits bass frequencies with a pair of 200-mm woofers working in phase. The isolated midrange/tweeter unit is muffled according to every rule of acoustic art. The midrange head is the flagship's dedicated part, not used in the other models of the series. Judging by the results of measurements, special attention is paid to the separation filters: correction circuits provide exceptional frequency stability of the input impedance of the speakers. Thus, 8008 is a very convenient electrical load for any power amplifier.

Preparing for the audition of an acoustics unit so impressive in all respects, one is often afraid of anything unneeded, of focus on some special effects. These concerns are primarily related to the low-frequency fidelity of the system. However, everything here is in order. Pure, confident basses, though not too deep, organically weave themselves into the fabric of any music, whether classical symphony or rock song. You may want to note some of their composure, but within an acceptable framework for this class. The Danish pair plays surely, with no ostentatiousness - not in a show-off manner. The tonal balance is perfect. It's bright and clear on high frequencies. What we've got here is a typical example of audiophile-grade acoustics, which, no matter what is played, sets the mood to the actual musical content. A long piano piece sounded exceptionally, which is an excellent test capable of detecting a lot of flaws. In none of the seven octaves did 8008 emit tonal missteps. Even the counteroctave sound is not thickened. The dynamic relief retains musical grace in transitions from piano to forte. The virtual-spatial image of the instrument is also very realistic. In general, images of the stage space are three-dimensional and convincing. Note that the advantages of the system are shown in full for the listener sitting at the point of intersection of the axes of acoustic speakers.

DALI 8008 is a very serious acoustics system, it is sensitive, designed to work with subtle and complex musical matter. This, of course, does not mean that it can't effectively project the essence of simpler musical forms. This system is acceptable to use in small rooms (15 sq. meters).

DALI 8008 Floor standing speakers photo