DALI Suite 2.8 Floor standing speakers

Suite 2.8 is the top model of New Suite line. The reader is familiar with a smaller floor speaker system - Suite 1.7. The flagship is larger and equipped with two 165-mm woofer/midrange drivers (in "7th" there is a pair of five-inch heads). Conical cellulose diffusers are specially covered by thick layer of a special polymer, giving to membranes a reddish "wine" shade, perfectly harmonizing with the tone of vinyl coating. Oval sides are made of MDF, dappled from the inside by vertical slits. The last create regular imperfections, which destroy parasitic bending vibrations of the walls. The system of braces and rib stiffeners radically increase the resistance to bending. RC-circuits of impedance correction are used in Suite filters; the installation is carried out by direct soldering of the elements to each other.

Open, clear, rich in details sound of Suite 2.8 clearly shows the perfect dynamics. "Omnivorous" basses leave very strong impression: their depth, relentless expression, sensitivity again very complicates the task of search a worthy opponent in this price segment. It is permissible to talk about "warmth" of coloration, but not in a critical context - an elegant flavor nuance. High frequencies didn't leave any reasons for criticism - purely, with details, strictly to the extent. Hence there are clarity and correctness of special effects. Suite 2.8 is a universal in general sense system; you can listen to popular music, classics and any "exotics" with equal enthusiasm.

DALI Suite 2.8 Floor standing speakers photo