Infinity Kappa 400 Floor standing speakers

Luxurious thing! It would look pretty good even in the midst of a higher blooded company - Kappa 400. The weight of the speaker systems is such that it is better to unpack and install them together. None of the cabinetmakers would question in high quality of the finish by natural veneer; the back side is finished by natural leather. Terminals are a separate topic. In order to take non-standard jumpers off from them, you need to work with a wrench (better with two). However, the necessary of this operation causes big doubts... Devoid of sharp corners form of the upper part of the body in the acoustics of Kappa series, according to the engineers' opinion, is optimal for the elimination of edge effects. The tilt of the faceplate is exactly 5 degrees - for phase matching of tweeter's and MF/head's radiation. All the membranes, even the cone of located on the side woofer, are made of well-proven branded metal-ceramic composite CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm). There is no magnetic shielding - only magnets in the speaker systems of the central channel and smaller shelf speaker systems (Kappa 200) are closed by the screens in Kappa series.

Delving into sound of Kappa 400, you admire by the extraordinary resolution and the depth of dynamic cut, allowing you to immediately identify the acoustics as a system of high class. Endless variety of tints in colorful image of the cello fabulously enriches the sound of any symphonic record - moreover if this record is made on the appropriate level. Kappa 400 copes excellently with natural low-frequency instruments. In low-frequency area the system doesn't try to boil the ocean but already allows you to feel what rich bass is like -the bird in the hand is worth. The color of sound is better neutral, although focusing you may catch some high-frequency characteristics, appearing particularly in emotional coloring of vocal. Minor simplification of HF-palette is noticeable on the large symphonic canvases but almost impalpable in any other cases. A pleasant tint of freshness appears due to the wonderful dynamics of the upper case. Spatial image of the scene is gorgeously deployed on the flanks and definitely has a third dimension. The system easily opens up both advantages and disadvantages of sound producer's work. In this regard Kappa is quite demanding technics.

With its set of advantages Kappa 400 perfectly plays any music. It is valuable that without the risk of significant distortion of its sound image the system can be used in relatively small rooms. It is noted that the pair realizes its potential more confident with more powerful amplifier.

Infinity Kappa 400 Floor standing speakers photo