Infinity Reference 31i Floor standing speakers

Infinity Reference 31i is a two-way speaker system of a bass reflex type, the reflex port is on the rear panel. The soft dome of the tweeter has a diameter of 25 mm (1 inch). The woofer, with a cone type diffusor, is 210 mm (8"). The amplifier has a power range of 15-100 watts. The dimensions of the speakers are 274x840x246 mm (10.8" x 33" x 9.7"). A set of speakers was assigned for testing, with external oak finish (also available in black). Defiantly bright, they immediately stood out solemnly on a black background of the other competing devices. Without offering to develop the associative flow further, I want to mention a nice and useful roundness of the edges of the front panel in the side and end faces. The radius of the corresponding curvatures is no less than 20 mm, so that one should not worry about diffractional distortion. On the frequency response: the average unevenness is +/- 1,85 dB, the lower cutoff frequency is 35 Hz, the cut-off frequency in the upper part of the range is 25 kHz. This is a claim to an outstanding result. Especially good is the tweeter. In general, Infinity high-frequency heads are one of the most important achievements of the company. Looking at the way they easily and naturally master the range, how they "whistle" at frequencies around 30 kHz without apparent effort, I want to take my hat off. Plus a fine dynamic range - oh, and minus non-linear distortions. Of course, one can juggle technical terms endlessly and to no avail. You should actually listen to its sound to understand. The Infinity's trebles do sound good: there is space, and transparency, and rigor, and ease... the middle and bottom ranges (above 130 Hz) work no less masterfully. This idyllic picture is slightly violated by local unevenness of characteristics at 60-130 Hz. But, as has been repeatedly pointed out, the impact of this kind of non-uniformity in the lower part of the spectrum to the human ear isn't noticeable for everyone. It is important not to get the sound strangled by nonlinear distortions, and with this, Infinity has no problems. The system can easily handle the simulation of volume in orchestral music, keep track of all the nuances of the chamber performance. Speakers give a very high field homogeneity and have good sensitivity, 91 dB. Characteristic resistance input module has the following parameters: average is 8 ohms, the standard deviation is 4.3 ohms, the nominal impedance is 4 ohms. Phase inverter is tuned to 35 Hz, and the crossover frequency of the speakers is 3 kHz.

Infinity Reference 31i Floor standing speakers photo