Infinity Delta 30 Floor standing speakers

Delta loudspeakers differ by an original case with a trapezoidal base and a branded tweeter with flat membrane. In all music programs the speakers showed a perfectly balanced sound. High frequencies are bright and expressive, though not without some peculiarity. Moreover, the detailing at the top is not associated with the tiring sharpness during long listening. Perhaps, the shade of originality manifests itself in a bit strange combination of vivid detailing and a barely noticeable leveling of the sharpest edges of high sound. It is necessary to say about the excellent quality of the presence effect created by the loudspeakers. Basses of Infinity Delta 30 turned out to be one of the best among the competitors by their clarity and dynamism, despite the lack of the deepest low-frequency components that were in the respective music programs. At high levels the detailing of low frequencies transmission is reduced, which, of course, is excusable. The middle is completely transparent even at decent for medium rooms volume levels. Moderate spatial movements of the listener, including vertical movements (from a sitting to a standing position), do not violate the holistic organization of the synthesized stage space. This property, particularly caused by the high spatial uniformity of the field, makes the loudspeakers highly desirable as a frontal pair for a home theater. But, of course, the main vocation of Infinity Delta 30 is music in all its aspects: from the simple popular to the elegant classical.

Infinity Delta 30 Floor standing speakers photo