Infinity Beta 40 Floor standing speakers

Beta 40 is a floor standing speaker system of the budget series of the American Infinity. Facade looks promising, richly decorated with the branded drivers with the membranes made of CMMD (this composite is also used in Alpha and Primus systems). You can feel that acoustic loading won't fail too - everything is made very well. Beveled along the edges front panel made of MDF has the thickness of 36 mm. a horizontal spacer, mounted between woofers, reinforces the body from inside. 30-litres bass compartment is isolated from the rest volume of the body by a deaf horizontal partition. Midrange speaker is closed from inside by plastic cap, filled with absorber. There are 8 screws under decorative rings around LF-drivers. Shielding of woofers is implemented by compensating magnets; MF-driver- by a cap. Internal wiring is made with 1.5-mm cable. Bass-reflex port is on the rear panel.

Sound. Smooth tonal balance of Beta 40 determines its "appeasable" musical character. We hear elastic, dense bass, open dynamical middle and light subtle top. The system plays any music equally neutrally, with necessary pietism, not giving grounds for serious rebuke. Sometimes we want to wish high frequencies to have more activity and expressiveness, but this need arises, mainly, while listening to symphonic compositions. Even very serious increase of volume doesn't reduce the quality of low and middle frequencies, but harsh tones appear at passing a certain milestone. Infinity Beta 40 is a good variant of universal floor speaker system for small rooms.

Infinity Beta 40 Floor standing speakers photo