Infinity Kappa 200 Bookshelf speakers

Even against the background of not "poor" rivals the "200th" Kappa looks luxurious, even though its price is below the average for the test value. The quality of the heavy acoustic design made of MDF is above all praise: the thickness of the front panel inclined exactly by 5 degrees (for phase coordination of drivers in subranges) is 36 mm. There is also a powerful horizontal strut inside... The side panels and part of the top are finished in mat veneer. In tone with the carefully rounded (antidiffraction measure) facade - a dense decorative mask and proprietary drivers: tweeter and woofer/midrange driver with membranes made of ceramic-metal composite CMMD. The bass driver magnet is shielded by a steel cap; the tweeter's magnetic field is attenuated by a compensating magnet. Although the small "compensator" still does not completely eliminate the pickup, it is completely insignificant for the front speaker. The rear panel is finished in leather. The terminal block with thick jumpers between the terminals of the same name looks a bit unusual. On the bottom there is a milled groove, evidently, for tight fixation of the speaker on the stand - it is supposedly organized there.

While listening to it, a direct comparison with the floor-standing model of the same series Kappa 400 is inevitable. Strict tonal balance, good dynamics in the whole frequency range, uncommonly strong bass. Of course, the "two-hundredth" is inferior to its relative floor-standing in the number and clarity of reproduced low frequencies. But in terms of dynamics in the rest of the registers - hardly! Just because of the reliable "wideband" dynamics the system sounds easy and free. The scene is spectacularly flanked, three-dimensional; high-frequency graphics of jazz images are emphasized by contrast. At higher volume, the upper registers of the violins and winds sound a bit harsh. On complex vocal-symphonic works that require the clearest possible articulation for the readability of the vocal in the background of the orchestral accompaniment, the picture sometimes becomes a bit flat. Kappa 200 is a powerful, bassy, correct speaker, the range of musical applications is very wide; by the way, it will make an excellent theatrical front.

Infinity Kappa 200 Bookshelf speakers photo