Technics SL-P2000 CD-player

The solidity of the device, emphasized by the restrained design of the front panel, captivates at first sight. And the model number according to the firm classification obliges a lot. It is clear that the price category to which the SL-P2000 belongs, the consumer has very serious requirements in sound quality, construction and design, and the concept of control. There can be two main circles of consumers for a turntable. Firstly, passionate fans of Technics audio equipment. And second, professionals, who may be interested in the SL-P2000, in addition to the high parameters, symmetrical outputs (XLR connectors). To achieve high parameters we used such technical solutions as, for example, upgraded single-bit converter MASH with 64-fold oversampling, which provides a theoretical dynamic range of 145 dB. Controls, with a minimum of operational controls on the panel, are completely relocated to the console. There are more than enough differences from simple models, but we would like to mark especially a couple of following ones. First, the buttons for direct start are not ten, as usual, but twenty and additionally "0" and ">20". On the vast majority of CDs the number of tracks is less, and you will only have to press one button to select the desired one. The second feature is related to the automatic level control (Fader), which can be reduced to zero or increased to the previous value in five seconds. The activation of all unusual modes, which require special attention when working, is accompanied by the corresponding symbol or inscription on the indicator in red. Having worked with the remote control without getting out of the chair, you quickly get used to the comfort provided. Normally you can rewind at one speed, but the SL-P2000 has two speeds and a different pair of buttons on the remote control for each. Listening, for which tracks from Miles Davis, In A Silent Way, Columbia CK40580 discs were used, spectacularly confirmed the player's claimed capabilities in full.

Technics SL-P2000 CD-player photo